Not only do we serve delicious bubble tea, but we also offer authentic Korean-style corn dogs that are a satisfying treat.
Indulge in a unique dining experience by pairing them with our bubble tea or choose our homemade hearty baguettes for a healthier option.
Our baguettes are made with wholesome ingredients and are perfect for a tasty and nutritious lunchtime treat.

At Pearl Ci-tea, we’re committed to diversifying the culinary scene in our small town.
Our location off the main road is easily accessible with plenty of parking available. Whether you’re craving refreshing bubble tea, a tasty corn dog, or a hearty baguette, you’ll find it all here.

Our goal is to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for our customers every time they visit. Come and discover why Pearl Ci-tea is quickly becoming the go-to spot for authentic food and drinks in our community.

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